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  • Product quality management and the politics in the field of quality are the base for the ruling of «Svetlana-X-ray» Ltd, for all the principles of organizing the work of all the departments and services of our enterprise and for the full satisfaction of consumer demands.
  • Our goal is to achieve stability in production of high quality product, that fully satisfy the requirements of our consumers.
  • We want to achieve trust not only among our consumers, but also suppliers by the way of discussions of quality questions and solving quality problems at all stages of product life cycle.
  • The consumer opinion is the main for us in the quality questions.
  • Top management is responsible for the product quality and makes the system of its maintains and check.
  • The constant optimization of processes in all fields of enterprise activity is the main task of the enterprise. Common work of all the enterprise employees and effective QMS management are necessary to reach this goal.
  • Every enterprise employee must have high professional level and be individually responsible for the quality of his work. The fulfillment of the requirements has the highest priority among the employees of the enterprise.
  • Reaching of quality improvement goals and help in understanding of economical meaning of quality by means of information analysis and employee training is the main task at all the levels of the enterprise.

General Manager of «SVETLANA-X-RAY»       Kulikov N.

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